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Focus on the similarities not the differences

It would be nice if all people would accept others and didn't focus on the differences. In my experience, there is a widespread xenophobia in our society, because of fear and ignorance. This must be corrected before it gets worse. As teachers, we are obliged to do something as soon as we suspect racist tendencies among students. It is not easy to act on this, because some things are so subtle. Our school is located in the countryside in a rather small community, and its xenophobic tendencies often come from home. On the surface they may seem innocent, but it's ...

Get ready!

It is time to take a shower and get rid of all those unnecessary hair on my legs. I want to look fresh and bright on Friday and because I have summer clothes for the wedding my legs will be visible. I also want to have my hair in a special model but that I will do on Friday morning. The wedding is in the afternoon and before that my sister and I will go to the place where the wedding will take place to decorate it with flowers. We are going to buy the flowers tomorrow. My brother, sister ...